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When buying Bodrum-themed souvenir items, what should you pay attention to?

Bodrum souvenir items encompass products from all categories that contain the name, lifestyle, tourist attractions, and historical sites of Bodrum, one of the most popular residential and tourism regions in our country.

Bodrum, one of the largest districts of Muğla province, has become a globally recognized tourist center. The Bodrum district takes its name from the Saint Peter Castle, which was built in the fifteenth century and is now used as the world's second-largest Underwater Archaeology Museum. The word "Petrium" evolved over time to become "Bodrum." With its historical castle, windmills, beautiful natural bays, and a wide range of entertainment and holiday options that last for long hours, especially in the summer months, Bodrum has become one of the national and international hubs of attraction. Bodrum Marina and its bays are among the most preferred places for boats, sailboats, and yachts cruising in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Every year, domestic and foreign tourists flock to the district by air, land, and sea, returning with suitcases filled with dozens of Bodrum souvenirs and famous Bodrum gifts. You can order souvenir items from Bodrum for your corporate shopping.

Things to Know When Buying Bodrum Themed Souvenir Products:

  • Decide whether the product is for accessory, decorative, or practical use.

  • Decide on the size of the product.

  • Decide which feature of Bodrum the chosen pattern reflects.

Features of Bodrum Themed Souvenir Products:

Bodrum souvenir products are a category with a rich content produced in various sizes, both traditional and modern designs, and colors. You can purchase Bodrum windmill souvenirs such as trays, raki glasses, coffee cups, towels, mugs, coasters, ashtrays, wallets, or bags for your loved ones to enjoy in their daily lives. For collector enthusiasts, you can gift keychains, magnets, and bottle openers with Bodrum prints, and for your own home or for visiting friends, you can choose from decorative figurines, ceramic plates, boxes, and panels. You can personalize memorable moments by giving personalized products to your loved ones.

Many of our categories offer custom design products suitable for creating the exact product you envision. You can access the custom design options for Bodrum-themed products, create your own design, and have a unique product.

Price Range of Bodrum Themed Souvenir Products:

The prices of Bodrum-themed products, ranging from magnets adorned with panoramic views of Bodrum, historical sites, to paintings, vary between 50 Turkish liras and 40,000 Turkish liras.

How are the Prices of Bodrum Themed Souvenir Products Determined?

The prices of Bodrum-themed souvenir products are determined based on the material, model, and type of craftsmanship. Designing products made of metal, wood, leather, and epoxy is more difficult than fabrics, plastics, and polyesters. Similarly, the molds of glass, ceramics, and porcelain designs also affect labor and prices. In products that use multiple materials, in addition to the variety of raw materials used, the time cost of assembly processes also affects labor and prices. As a result of all these different application costs, prices are determined individually for each product. All products are produced with meticulous preliminary work and intensive labor and offered for sale.

Payment Options for Bodrum Themed Souvenirs:

You can pay for Bodrum-themed souvenir products through the following methods when making single or mixed orders for your plural retail purchases:

  • Payment by credit card

  • Payment by bank transfer

What Are the Types of Bodrum Themed Souvenirs?

The types of Bodrum-themed souvenir products are listed below:

  • Bodrum Themed Magnet

  • Bodrum Themed Bottle Opener

  • Bodrum Themed Keychain

  • Bodrum Themed Bell

  • Bodrum Themed Wallet

  • Bodrum Themed Wall Plate

  • Bodrum Themed Mug

  • Bodrum Windmill Souvenir

  • Bodrum Printed Products

  • Bodrum Yel Değirmeni Hediyelik (Bodrum Windmill Souvenir)

  • Bodrum Memory Souvenir

How to Use Bodrum Themed Souvenirs?

Bodrum-themed souvenirs can be used daily in the kitchen, bathroom, as well as in living spaces as decoration and accessories. Products such as bottle opener, tray, coaster, mug, tea glass, and coffee cup can be used all day in the kitchen and serving areas. Keychains and car accessories can be used in motor vehicles as well as attached to bags and zippered items as decoration. Magnets can evoke memories on boards and cabinets. Decorative boxes and plaques, sailboat figurines, and candles can be used to decorate all environments. Bodrum-themed souvenirs carry Bodrum's sea, sun, and warm memories to your favorite places.

Who Can Bodrum Themed Souvenirs Be Given as Gifts?

The situations and individuals for whom Bodrum-themed souvenirs can be given as gifts are listed below:

  • Your loved ones who are fans of Bodrum

  • Friends you visit at their homes

  • Those who collect city-themed product collections, such as keychains, magnets, and bottle openers, purchased from places visited during travels

  • Customers at launches made for promotional purposes in businesses in Bodrum centers and facilities

  • Customers as promotional materials in local businesses in Bodrum

  • Guests at events held in Bodrum venues

  • Yourself, to remember beautiful memories

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